Haze - Review - Happy Haze DazeHaze is the founder of the great Haze family. This is a very popular strain in Europe and is quickly gaining popularity in North America. Haze one of the hybrids with the oldest liniages, with blends of Mexican, Thai, Colombian, and South Asian. The is a very powerful strain of up to 27% THC levels and produces a strong cerebral high. The Haze strain was invented by the Haze brothers in the late 60’s. By combining these exotic strains into one of the most powerful herbs out there. Amnesia Haze and Silver Haze are offspring of Haze and are award winners in there own right.

Haze – Review – Happy Daze

Known for it’s uplifting, energetic feeling. This is a very headstrong high and for me after 2 hits it made my focus level much higher. The strain Haze is one of those herbs that I like personally because despite of it’s name gives me a clear head. Of course that is with a certain degree of moderation. Like anything if you smoke to much will will get into a more Haze Daze. With this fine herb it does not take much and you will be happy with just a couple of tokes. Moreover I find nowadays with such great new strains a hybrids, people should try a toke or two and wait for 20 – 30 minutes before consuming more. Because more is sometimes to much and makes the day or night much less enjoyable.

Head High

This strain is uplifting, positive and energetic. Hash is deal for the afternoon and getting things done around the house or on the computer. You can also be very creative as my friends poetry is outstanding … if I could only understand it ! Socially this would nice to pass around at a cool afternoon BBQ . Good food , good music and good herb. Haze has been said to ease depression, anxiety and stress. That sounds good to me !