Haze ReviewHaze has it’s origin’s going back to the 60 ‘s. A lineage of a mix of strains from Thailand, Mexico, Columbia and South Africa. Since then this super Sativa has grown in strength and popularity. This is a happy and uplifting herb. I find this to be an uplifting and happy herb. Haze has a very energizing effect with me. Also I find this to bring out the creative side of me. I enjoy getting on the guitar and writing songs and lyrics. The lineage of this cannabis brings back happy times as you will see in my Haze Review.

Haze Review

I was just a kid in the days of hippies. Everybody wanted long hair but my father would send me to the barber for a military brush cut. I thought if I could have long hair I would be cool. Also this would make popular with the girls. I would see all the cool hippy kids going behind the church and smoking reefer. I felt jealous that I was not part of that group. It was an exciting time to grow up. The music was great and I think the grass had a lot to do with creativity that it brought.


Practically all the bands at the time were smoking and making the most amazing timeless music. Eventually I rebelled and grew my hair long. The grass inspired me and I bought a set of drums and joined a band. Wow was a like a dream come true. It was usually on weekends we would get together to write new songs and we would have a smoke and come out with great results. Definitely was cool from going nerd to local rockstar. Moreover the herb was probably a relative of a Haze made a huge difference of my happiness way back when.  Happy Haze still does the trick for me today.

Nature’s Medicine

This strain is known to relieve stress, depression, fatigue, pain and headaches. For me I find I find this a great stress reliever.