It’s Friday afternoon around 3 PM. And the boss is gone for the weekend. Time for a Haze Beer Marijuana Edibles Review. Pop open a frosty beer made from cannabis extract and put the work week behind you. MutliTrance brews up this Amsterdam special with 5% alcohol to satisfy even the most discerning beer lovers. Let’s check it out. It’s Beer O’clock!

I can’t remember ever getting out of work or any job I ever had, and I’ve had plenty, when I didn’t go right from punching the clock to the closest cold beer I could get my hands on. I worked at a┬áPaper-mill one year making paper. And we would go right across the street to the dirtiest shot hole bar in the world. It was dangerous. And the folks that lingered there were the bottom of the barrel types and two bit losers.

But, the bar was right across the street. And there was always a group of 4 or 5 of my work buddies that would go over for a couple. Nothing beat a cold beer after work. But weed was very illegal at the time. No longer a problem thanks to Haze.

Haze Beer Marijuana Edibles Review

Haze clocks in around 4.9% alcohol. That is a great and potent strength for a pint of ale. MultiTrance brews up quality hops, barley malt and Haze cannabis strain extract into a very drinkable beer. The THC is removed during the process. So the affects are almost purely from the alcohol content. However, the CBD level will give you a slight body buzz which accompanies the drink quiet well. Haze is crisp. It’s a solid pale ale with a full body. I would drink it even without the cannabis. But I’m glad there is cannabis. The medical affects are great for the body.

So, bring a six pack to work next Friday. It will make your day so much better. Just the thought of them chilling in the cooler outside, as you finish up some brain surgery, will increase your happy level all morning, knowing Haze and the weekend are fast approaching.