Hay-Z ReviewHay-Z is a a treat yes indeed. A humdinger of a hullabalooey happy herb. This is cloud 9 material with a power packed punch a of head buzz hat trick. I think that the 23% THC has a lot to do with it ! A relaxed, positive and vibe will grab your body and mind. Energetic and vibrant. I had one good hit from the bong and I in a fine state of mind. Hay-Z  is A Sativa Dominant hybrid. This also sparks creativity as you might see in this Hay-Z Review.

Hay-Z Review

My step brothers half brother twice removed had an uncle. Ickpick Duckadocious who’s wife Pearl ran the local country store in the town of Glugenville. Just over the border. One day a strange prune faced man dressed in bee striped business suit entered through the squeaky screen door. He set a small package on the counter. He stuck his tongue out to reveal a note stuck there. Ickpick peeled it off with reluctance. It said the box was for Ickpick’s aunt Edna van Cleef. Edna was not technically his aunt because she was a robot. “What’s in that thar box” inquired Ickpick quizzically. That my friend is only for Edna’s purpose the striped man responded in an reptilian rasp.

The gift

Ickpick excused himself and went in the storage room and toked a few hits of Hay-Z. He pondered what to have for dinner. Rice or pasta? The bee man told Ickpick he was in his buzziness suit- laughed, farted loudly and ran quickly out the door. Needless to say it was a day Ickpick would not soon forget as it were. Edna is pleased as a peach and happy as a clam. The package contained tasty sweet honey and an ounce of Hay-Z.  “Happy days ” screamed Edna in a robotic voice and then cartwheeled across her area rug.

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