Hash 1Many of you have heard of hash I’m sure, but have you ever wondered exactly what it is? I knew a little bit about it, and I have also seen it being made. But I wanted to learn more about it and decided to share it with those of you who don’t know!

Hash is basically the resin collected from the flowers of the plants. THC is pretty much all that it is, except it has been known to carry other cannibinoids. You can smoke it in just about anything; pipes, joints, bongs, blunts, you name it. Sometimes it can be mixed with tobacco as well, you will still feel the effects. Hash is very similar to weed in that it will get you high, but it is most commonly smoked for pain relief, focus, relaxation and a couple other things similar. Just like weed there can also be some bad effects, but its not common. These include paranoia, dry mouth, and a couple more.

Hash 2Now the question still stands, how is it made? Well, I did a little bit of research on this. Basically, hash is the product of getting rid of the actual flowers and collecting the trichomes from the head of the plant. This is generally the most potent part of the plant, resulting is most hash ranging from 20-60% THC. Doesn’t that sound lovely?