Harmony Bong ReviewIt is my great pleasure to bring you today’s glowing Harmony Bong Review. It is not very often that I get to honestly rave about a product, any product for that matter. But this is not the case today. I love my new Harmony Bong. I knew I would as I love my Signature Series Hero Love Bong. It’s easily the greatest bong I have ever used. I have eagerly awaited the opportunity to try another one of their products. Well, the Rasta Gods have shone the light on me today. This Harmony Bong is amazing.

The first thing that struck me was the design and the smaller size. My first Hero is a monster, tall and exquisite bong. However, I like to keep it myself. The Harmony is great for sharing. The smaller design is great for my coffee table. And the design is a real head turner. However it’s the functionality that really makes this bong a must have for serious collectors.

The curling glass tubes are fun to watch as the smoke swirls and cools off on its way to your mouth. And I can tell you, as someone who has used a lot of bongs, you have never had a crisper or cooler inhalation in your life. Harmony is the bomb!

Harmony Bong ReviewHarmony Bong Review

Beauty and elegance meet in perfect “Harmony” in this masterfully crafted bong. Best of all, for only $199.99 you can place one on the top shelf of your collector’s showcase. Moreover, you can break it out every time you have company and really impress the most discerning of your guests.

This visual beauty is small in size but big on cool hits. You will really feel the love that Hero Love puts into their top shelf products. And you will only feel the smoothest and coolest hits that filter through the state of the art Honeycomb percolator. More than the Honeycomb percolator is the series of mini smart filters that further break up the heat and purify each hit.

Harmony is constructed of Strong Glass that is guaranteed to bring you decades of joy. So the glass is a heavy duty industrial grade glass topped off with heavy duty joints that are virtually indestructible. Hero Love has taken the science of master glass work and combined the science of filtration to bring real Harmony into your life.