Hairy Mary Marijuana Strain ReviewHairy Mary is a good middle of the road Indica strain. I say “middle of the road” because it’s not all that powerful. The taste is not strong. The aroma is not strong. And the potency is fairly mild. It does however have good medicinal traits. This is due to the CDB level. Most elderly patients do not want to get “high.” They just want the relief that a good Indica strain delivers for their ailments. Our Hairy Mary Marijuana Strain Review will explore this interesting weed.

I happen to like a “middle of the road” weed strain. I love to take a couple hits off the bong and set about my day. What I don’t like is being so super stoned that I can’t do anything constructive. I smoked some Kush before work one day. I then wound up sitting in my car for 3 hours before I could conduct myself like a human being. Being really high gets me really paranoid. And that is not fun at all.

Hairy Mary Marijuana Strain ReviewThe first time I went to Amsterdam I visited the Bulldog. If you have not been, you need to go get on a plane right now. Anyway, they bring over a menu with about 100 different weed strains and strengths. I chose a 60 out of a possible 100. Well, am I ever glad I did. I was tripping for hours. I much prefer a strain like Hairy Mary.

Hairy Mary Marijuana Strain Review

Mary doesn’t stink up the house. So, I don’t really bother anyone. And It doesn’t knock me out of the game. That is really huge for me. Of ┬ácourse, I like the fact that it’s an Indica. Also, in case it wasn’t already obvious, I am all about the body high. Hairy Mary is a great body high that is not overwhelming. The list of medical benefits is impressive as well. If you suffer from pain Mary is your girl. Headaches, stomach aches and body pain all improve.

Hairy Mary is like the girl next door. She is not the best looking or best tasting. She does not rock your world. But she gets the job done. She does it quietly and consistently. So, although there may be more powerful and impressive loves in your life, I think you will find that Hariy Mary is a good girl.