Are you ready to spark up your day? Our Habit Sparkling Kiwi Marijuana Edibles Review will refresh your throat, body and spirit. This High Times Award Winner bubbles up 100mg of THC in each soul quenching bottle. Habit offers each flavour in different dosages. So, get ready to pop the cork and pour your way to a better day, in every way.

We had a short list of things we were allowed to bring with us on our white water rafting adventure. And weed was not on the list. Worry not my friends. You know I wasn’t going anywhere without my cannabis. And it just so happened that I had a couple of Habit Sparkling Kiwis in the cooler. Let me tell you guys, of all the ways to ingest cannabis, none compare to a refreshing soda when you’re out in the hot sun.

I decided to drink half of my bottle before we even got in out in the raft. My wife was not too happy, as she was afraid we were all going to die. But that was exactly my point. If I was going to die or come close to it, I wanted to be laughing while it went down. Therefore, I am so glad I did. I was petrified. The water was white and rapid. And I was stoned. Also it should be noted that I did not puke when we went over the falls. I credit that to the nice cannabis beverage in my system. The wife could not argue with that. Thanks Habit.

Habit Sparkling Kiwi Marijuana Edibles Review

A nice carbonated fruit beverage is the perfect drink on a hot day. And 100mg of THC is great on any day, hot or cold, rain or shine. The kiwi taste was superb. The combination of carbonation and kiwi really masked the cannabis taste well. I barely tasted it at all. Moreover, I think I would not have tasted it at all if I hadn’t been looking for it. But that’s my job people.

Unlike most premium medical edibles that use hash oil, Habit uses shatter oil. I think this helps on two fronts. Firstly, it almost rids the soda of cannabis taste. And Secondly it causes the THC to be fast acting due to it’s purity. Finally, the product uses all natural fruit extracts for the flavours, not chemicals. Habit is top shelf. Well, there’s not much else to say except pop open a bottle, cool off and enjoy the ride.