There are countless ways to get THC into your system. But is their healthier ways to smoke it as well? Using a vaporizer offers users a gentler and smoother way to smoke your green. Welcome to the wacky new age of vaping your medicine! There are tons of different models to choose from. So picking one may be a little tricky to the freshies, but rest assure. After we go thru some general points, picking your new toy will be as easy as exhaling.

What do you want to put in it?

This point is kind of important, actually very important. What you want to put in your rig defines which kind of set-up you need. Because of the extensive selection; vaporizers for dry herb, concentrates, oils. Furthermore, if your rig isn’t compatible with what you have on hand, you probably aren’t going to have a good time!

attractive red-haired girl vaping eCig

So What Kind Of Model Are You Looking For?

Now that you have decided what you would like to put inside, you need to decide on your model. It seems like everything now a days, there are countless options to choose from. You could do discrete, dramatic, table top..all boils down to you really. Let your freak flag fly!

Instructions. Read them.

I am guilty of skipping the instructions too, especially relevant proper care and use of your rig ensures a good time. Please follow the instructions your first time, because if you don’t you may cause irreversible damage. Maybe follow along on a youtube video if you are more visual. Proper use and care of your rig will ensure good smoke, and a functioning vaporizer.

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Start Off Slow.

I know, you are a veteran smoker, and can handle it. True, you may do fine with that pipe or joint. But  because vaping is a totally different ball game, you will want to start off slow. Smoke is dry when you take a hit, but with vaping, it is the opposite, the vapor is moist. The feeling is different, so take one puff, then another in a bit to see what you feel like. Think of a joint like a beer, easy. Now think of vaping like a shot; One hits you a lot harder.  

Proper Maintenance.

In conclusion, once you are comfortable with proper care and use of your new vaporizer, why not spruce them up. Hand held? Try getting a wicked case for it? Table top version? Stickers! Car chargers etc are also readily available. Again, let that freak flag fly!