Greengo Rolling Papers ReviewI go green whenever possible. I like making choices that benefit the environment and my health. Greengo suits my lifestyle. These papers are all natural and the makers are very eco-wary about their products and the impact they have on the world around us. I proudly offer you our Greengo Rolling Papers Review for your consideration.

I went to the postal place to pick my papers up. And the guy yelled “Greengo.” I laughed because that was exactly what I was there to pick up. How did he know you must be thinking. Well, he didn’t know. What he was really saying was “Gringo.” I live in a Spanish speaking country and white guys like me are called “Gringos.”

Gringo means pretty much any non native or foreigner. But the origin is a bit diiferent. The USA sent troops here in the 50’s to quell an uprising after the CIA murdered their President. The locals were not pleased. So when they saw soldiers in the streets they would yell, “Green Go.” The green refers to the color of the American soldiers uniforms. And the “go” meant “Get out of our country.” But we re hear to talk about a different Greengo, so let’s Go!

Greengo Rolling Papers Review

Greengo Rolling Papers ReviewFirst of all and most importantly these papers are 100% all natural. Even the glue is all natural Arabic gum. Greengo takes great pride in their manufacturing process. Absolutely no chlorine is used as a bleaching agent. Even the packaging is mage from recycled paper. These guys are serious.

The papers are ugly. You will quickly notice the color. They’re brown. But so what. Does it really matter what color a rolling paper is? It certainly doesn’t to me. Moreover my main concern is my health. And I smoke a lot of weed. So I like to make the best choices I can in other areas of my life. Because I am not ever quitting smoke God’s good herbs. You can take that to the bank.

So check out Greengo. I love them. Unbleached is the only way to go. Also I like a big paper. These are ultra slim as well. You get 33 King Size papers in each pack.

So, do yourself a favor and do the planet a favor. Go Green, Gringo! In conclusion, you will be glad you did. And some day your grand kids will still be able to breath and smoke weed.