Green Queen ReviewWhen you combine the two fabulous strains of Green Crack and Space Queen as did the fine people at JB Dank Nugs. You get a super cool hybrid that is the best of both worlds. A nice cerebral high and a nice body stone. But not enough though to get you couch locked. So this will provide euphoria and stimulation of your mental state. This is a happy herb and helps with staying focused. Also a nice sweet skunky aroma awaits your senses. A truly satisfying smoke that I highly recommend.You will see in this Green Queen Review.

Green Queen Review

Trying Green Queen for the first time last weekend and was really surprised at the the nice energetic but relaxing effects. This fine herb had me nice and mellow yet not lazy in the least. A back yard BBQ was planned for my wife’s birthday. So a couple of my good friends dropped by and we toked a nice spliff of Green Queen and set to work getting the patio and pool area ready for the big shindig. The first thing we did was set up the sound system outside. We all took turns playing our favorite music from all different gendres.

From Rock to House to Reggae the music sounded great and we were blessed to have a nice sunny day. We all had a great time and had the whole place ready ahead of time and relaxed around the pool with an ice cold beer. Green Queen is a perfect choice for social situations and my lovely wife said it was her favorite birthday’s of all times. The joint’s were passed around all night, so in the morning when I was cleaning up I could not find one scrap of food left. It was an evening of eat, toke and be merry. A wonderful time was had by all !


Green Queen is beneficial in the treatment of stress, depression, muscle spasms, fatigue and pain. This strain is just one of many with wonderful medicinal attributes.