Green Ice Bong ReviewHello Friends, and welcome to my Green Ice Bong Review. If you have never used an ice bong before you have come to the right place. And I can guarantee that after you try this Straight Ice bong with Double Barrel perc from Grace Glass you will never want to use your dry herbs in any other way. Not only is it super fun, it is a much healthier and enjoyable way to toke. I have a very sensitive throat. So, really no matter how I ingest I experience discomfort. So, ice bongs are really the greatest invention ever, for me personally. And the Green is awesome.

Green Ice Bong Review

Grace Glass has long been the industry standard leader when it comes to well crafted high end bongs. And this beautiful double barrel perc bong is no exception. Of course it goes without saying that is crafted of the highest quality borosilicate glass from top to bottom. I love the detachable slitted diffuser. You can easily pack the flower bowl, and  use the handle which acts as a roll stopper. That is a great add on that I haven’t seen in other bongs. I am constantly losing herb all over the table and that drives me nuts. I also really like the green splash guard that keeps the water from getting into my mouth. That is and always has been the one thing I hate about bongs. Grace Glass has figured it out .

Green Ice Bong ReviewI am also a big fan of the double percolator system. It really delivers tasty clouds from the beginning of your session until the very end. Another thing I am a bit picky about is a carb hole. Amazingly the guys at Grace actually include a carb hole stopper in the Kit. Thanks Grace Glass that is amazing.  And of course the ice cube notches hold a few ice cubes and you are ready to have fun.

Should You Purchase a Green Ice Bong?

Over all the Green is is cool looking and literally cool smoking. I love it. At $129.00 bucks I think it is very reasonably priced and very well crafted. In conclusion, I would recommend this ice bong to anyone that uses this method. The Green is not really all that different from any other Ice Bong in this price range. But it is a solid bong that performs well. And hey, any decent Ice Bong for around $100 bucks is a pretty good deal. Hence, I give my Grace Glass Ice Bong Review Two Thumbs Up.