Great White ReviewGreat White Shark is have jaws of joy taking a bite out of your stressful life. With a strong body high and a cerebral celebration. This potent hybrid strain is a blend of Brazilian, South Indian and super skunk. With THC levels of 15% this is a great medicinal herb. A friend of mine with cancer has been using this for about a moth now and says it has worked wonders on his pain and appetite. The prescription drugs he was given were not working so well and he was afraid of becoming addicted. He also said it helped him cope with everyday stress in which he has plenty and ease the nausea of the chemotherapy’s adverse effects. Check out the Great White Shark Review

Great White Shark Review

This is one thing I have found talking to people that have medical issues including depression. The world is finally taken notice that this is a natural product of the earth that has many benefits. Research is finding new treatments for different ailments almost on a daily basis. The FDA is a major hurdle in allowing important research for various conditions. It has been said that there is virtually a cure for practically every disease known in the plants that grow on this beautiful planet. Pharmaceutical companies and big business do not want to loose out on the big money. There are even restrictions on hemp production because it is so much more durable than cotton. Denim manufacturers do not want jeans that last ten times longer !


Great White Shark hybrid is a very soothing yet powerful herb that has a great that you will find fine body – mind experience that you will keep coming back for. Especially for it’s analgesic and sedative effects. You should keep plenty of your favorite snacks on hand because this is one of the cannabis hybrids that will definitely will give you the munchies !