woman smoke cloud jpgHopper Labs is the focus of today’s fun Grasshopper Vaporizer Review. First of all the Grasshopper is a lightning fast dry herb vaporizer, faster than David Carradine snatching a pebble from the Master. It is also one of the sleekest and lightest portable vaporizers on the market. The many reviews I have read have all been good. My own experience was no different. I really like just about everything this vaporizer has to offer. And although I do not do a whole lot of vaping outside the house, when I do I like discretion and portability. The Grasshopper gives me that for $185 dollars.

In fact one of the first times I ever smoked pot in public legally was at the Grasshopper in Amsterdam. I remember feeling so awkward coming from Boston where, at the time, marijuana smoking was super illegal. I felt like I should turn my back from the crowd as if to hide my bad behavior. And this is in the middle of a coffee shop where everyone was smoking legally and in the open. But still it was weird.

And now today decades later I still feel like keeping my business to myself. The Grasshopper allows me to do just that. I keep it in my car in the glove box. And when I am driving a far distance I can pull it out, take a couple hits and put it away. No one knows the difference and that helps keep my paranoia to a minimum, which adds to the joy of my high. It lets me concentrate on the road and the music with no worries. And for me that is what it is all about and why I love my Grasshopper.

Grasshopper Vaporizer Review

sexy lips smokeFirst off, there are upgraded versions you can purchase. One is the Titanium for $235 dollars. And another is the heat treated for $350 dollars. I find the basic model is just as good as the others. So it is a matter of choice. It should be noted that although pricey, they both come with lifetime warranties.

I love the discretion more than any other aspect of this vaporizer. And that is what this Grasshopper Vaporizer Review is all about. Just look at it. It mimics a pen. You could easily pop this into your shirt pocket and walk through the office. No one would bat an eye. It even has the pen holder clip. Just don’t let the Boss borrow it.

The 30w heater is powerful and heats up in less than 5 seconds. If you’re not all that familiar with vaporizers that is really fast. It even has on demand heat up. It gets hot on the mouthpiece. But they include a silicon cover. The chamber holds about a third of a gram of dry herb. And it burns evenly every time regardless of how much you pack. Finally, you can easily charge up with the USB port.

The Grasshopper is solid, discreet and portable. It works well and is fairly priced.