Grape Jelly Marijuana Edibles Review Nothing is more is more American than a yummy peanut butter and jelly sandwich with a touch of hash oil infused cannabis. At ApothePur they know what you want for lunch and make the best PB&J sandwich that you are ever going to eat. They pack their jelly full of fresh fruit and high quality cannabis. So go grab a big glass of  Hemp Milk and get ready for a peaceful and fun afternoon with our Grape Jelly Marijuana Edibles Review.

This wild combination brings back fond memories of my great grandmother. She was fun. Also she had Alzheimer’s Disease. Her favourite food was peanut butter and jelly. Oh, and she loved the cannabis. Although, she had no idea. Even if she did she would have forgotten 5 minutes later.

We loved getting Florence stoned. Then we would dress her up in outrageous outfits and take her to Walmart and set her free. We would follow behind her at a distance, loaded up on cannabis ourselves, and die laughing. The best one was when she saw the toilet paper and thought it must be time to wipe. The dress went up over her head exposing things that no man should ever have to see. We barely escaped the security guards and all of us including Florence laughed the whole way home. We go to her grave once a month and eat edibles and retell the stories. Miss you Granny! And your peanut butter sandwiches.

Grape Jelly Marijuana Edibles ReviewGrape Jelly Marijuana Edibles Review

ApothePur is a high end outfit producing first class medical edibles. And what a fantastic application is their Grape Jelly. They lab test their products to maintain the utmost integrity in all their offerings. ApothePur does not “manufacture” grape jelly. They meticulously create it . Their motto is “The Art of Cannabis.” And that is what they strive to uphold.

One 9 ml bottle holds about 400 mgs of THC. So you may want to share your PB&J with your Grandma too. Only fresh farm grown grapes go into this really good tasting jelly. Pick up some Wonder Bread and a jar of Skippy Crunch Peanut Butter and say good bye to your hunger and Hello to Happiness.