Grape God ReviewGrape God is a heavenly herb that will have your head in the clouds. Mostly you will be sitting on cloud nine and feeling fine. A hybrid of relaxing happiness. God Bud and Grapefruit are a mix that puts a smile on your face. So only a couple of good tokes will feeling euphoric yet also soothingly calm. I find after a stressful day and there are many. It’s nice to take a load off my feet and unwind with some fine Grape God doobage. The bud’s are a robust deep green and are crawling with beautiful red hairs. Aroma’s of grape and floral overtake you senses. Let me tell you more of the relaxing herb in this Grape God Review. 

Grape God Review

Just last week the love of my life Gertrude left me for a blind lesbian midget. Heartbreak overtook me and I felt shattered and gutted. I was going to jump off a bridge but the I remembered I was scared of heights. Going home I got a flat tire. In the midst of changing it, four guys pulled up in a black car. They were wearing clown masks and pulled out guns and robbed me. So they fixed my car and drove off in it.

Stress relief

I stuck my thumb out for a ride and was picked up in a van full of  Satanist’s. They told me I was to be a human sacrifice out in the woods. Going berserk I managed to get the door open and jump out at 40 mph. So stumbling off with a sprained ankle I managed to find a convenience store and called a taxi cab. The driver got lost and was obviously drunk. Finally I made it home. Toking a nice spliff of Grape God relaxed me and helped me, and moreover make sense of my most perplexing day.

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