My Granddaddy was a hard nosed, women and booze banging, Grumpy Ole Bastard. But he liked the reefer too. I decided to do a Granddaddy Purple Strain Review as an Homage to Grampy’s legacy and the times I got to share with the crazy son of a bitch. (That Bitch would be my Great Grandmother). Grampy had more stories than Walt Disney. But no one could ever get him to speak. When he did speak it was only to piss and moan about everything. It was only when I would spend the weekends with him up at the cabin, smoking the good green herb, that I could get him to open up. And open up he would.

This guy did everything, and I mean so over the top. I am the only one that believed half the crap that came out of his mouth. Under all the grumpy facade he was actually a smart and loving guy. But he had a tough shell around him that was hard to crack. I cracked it. And so he confided in me. And we became friends. Then we became pot smoking companions. And he unleashed the funniest wildest stories on me that any ears have ever had the joy of hearing. And it was all thanks to the weed. 

Art Portrait Woman Red Dress Smoking

Granddaddy Purple Strain Review

Well, my Grampy would have loved Granddaddy Purple had he lived to see the day. GP is a potent Indica that is a hybrid of the popular Purple Urkle and Big Bud. this fantastic marriage makes for a delicious tasting herb. This Purple Bud is Purple tasting. It is a combination of grape and berry. The very idea has my mouth watering right now. It’s strongest benefit is total relaxation. If you have sleeping issues this Bud’s for you. I got really high, higher than I am used to getting normally. And then I got a pretty bad headache after. Other than the headache I really like this yummy strain.

Granddaddy Purple Strain Review – and My Granddaddy

Now that I told you about Graddaddy’s Purple, I will tell you a couple of Grampy’s claims to fame. He once punched a young Frank Sinatra square in the nose in a bar. Sinatra shook his hand and picked up his bar bill. Then there was the time he robbed a bank on horseback in Spain. And that was in the 1960s not the 1860s. He claimed that Ronald Regan once tried to kiss him on the mouth. He told me he had killed at least a dozen men, impregnated dozens of women and never told a lie. I believed him. And we would smoke some more. Me and Granddaddy, smoking and laughing. I miss him.