Granddaddy Purple ReviewThis Indica mix is a cross between Purple Urkle and Big Bud from California. In which it was created by Ken Estes in 2003. Just like the vineyards of California this blossoming bud has a rich aroma of delicious grape. So at THC levels from 17% – 24% this is a fairly potent herb. It’s main attributes however are relaxation, Euphoria and dreamy happiness. Check out this Granddaddy Purple Review.

Granddaddy Purple Review

About a month ago my beautiful woman Shuga and I took a hot air balloon trip in the Mojave desert. Our tour operator a man who went by the name of Sky High was checking the ballast outside the basket. When inadvertently his dog Spliffy who had a way with knots untied us and let us loose without Sky High. We shot upwards at an alarming speed and was quickly speeding along in the hot desert wind.

Up up and away

We were not in the least bit worried though because we had just toked some Granddaddy Purple and were actually enjoying the gorgeous view of the desert as our balloon cast a long shadow in the mid day sun. I let off the little ballast that we had and turned down the burner and we slowly descended. It just so happened we landed in front of the club house of the notorious outlaw transvestite motorcycle club, The Trixstars. We were greeted warmly and invited in and smoked some Granddaddy Purple with them which they enjoyed greatly. We had a fantastic afternoon eating nachos and guacamole dip and playing bingo until the rescue truck arrived. Quite an adventure I would say !


Some of the medicinal uses of this fine cannabis is for pain, stress, muscle spasms, insomnia and lack of appetite. In conclusion I would say Granddaddy Purple is quite uplifting as it were !