Grace Glass Black Bird Bong Review I think I must have died and gone to Heaven. My two favorite past times have finally merged. I love hitting the bong then playing Angry Birds for hours at a time. Grace Glass has created a fantastic bong that not only looks great but cools of weed off unlike any other bong in my collection. And for that reason I decided to do thisĀ Grace Glass Black Bird Bong Review.

This is a serious piece of technology in our Grace Glass Black Bird Bong Review today. Grace Glass is not new to the world of glass bongs. Not only are they not new, they are the premier trend setters.

Do you play Angry Birds? Do you smoke weed? Well, then of course you do. I have a crappy cell phone. I have just enough memory for one game. The first one I saw turned out to be Angry Birds. So I downloaded it. Well, I really have to say I think that silly game is more addictive than heroin. I smoke cigarettes and would give away my pack for an extra 3 lives. It’s a pointless brain dead game. But when I’m stoned I love it.

Grace Glass Black Bird Bong Review

Grace Glass Black Bird Bong Review And I like getting stoned with my Black Bird Bong. This is a quality product. The Bird’s a very well crafted glass work. All of Grace Glass works are of the highest quality. I have tried many of their bubblers and pipes. I have yet to try any of their creations and be unsatisfied. So, let’s talk about the specs.

First, it should be noted that, you will need to lay down a $255 dollar bill for this unique bong. But far more important is the design. The “drum” percolator is enormously effective when it comes to cooling. These Black Birds are crazy. The first acts as a percolater that blasts your smoke to a honeycomb perc. The second black Bird is where you will find the ice notches. The herb bowl is not on the top like most bongs. The bowl’s actually located on the side. But not to fret. It is comfortable and functional.

This is clearly a collector’s bong. So for $225 dollars you can put up on your shelf. Take few cool and smooth hits off your new bong. Throw on some angry birds and fly away for a few hours.