Grab n Glow Granola Bar Marijuana Edibles ReviewThe name says it all. If you want to glow, you’ve got to grab our Grab n Glow Granola Bar Marijuana Edibles Review. This is a powerful morning health bar contains 100 mgs of THC. You will have a pep in your step as you head out into the morning. And depending on how much you eat you will be feeling pretty good until well into the afternoon.

There a few choices for breakfast that are better for health than granola with rolled oats and pure honey. Another nice thing about granola bars is that you can add whatever you like or whatever suits your health needs. Julie’s make a great one as well. If you like Grab n Glow you will really like them too. Check out a review we wrote for them here¬†

Another nice thing about granola bars is that they are far less fattening than most medical edible treats. The pure honey actually gives a sweeter taste than sugar without the negative affects that sugar can cause in users and patients. They’re also perfect for the on the go person. They fit in your pocket. They don’t melt or require refrigeration. And best of all, you don’t need to eat it all at once. 100 mgs is very strong. Even eating half the bar may result in a more powerful high than you are hoping to achieve.

Grab n Glow Granola Bar Marijuana Edibles ReviewGrab n Glow Granola Bar Marijuana Edibles Review

This bar from Grab n Glow is a powerful health bar. Great ingredients and 100 mgs of THC make this medical edible stand out. Aside from oats and honey a Grab n Glow also has  almonds, cranberries and sunflower seeds.

The CBD level is a high 5 mgs. This helps cut the psychoactive element making it much easier to function at work or perform tasks. So, in the end you get the best of all three worlds, a nice powerful high, good clarity and a bunch of vitamis and minerals. You might even end up jogging to the office. Enjoy your morning friends.