Golden Pineapple ReviewGolden Pineapple is the bay area’s newest sensation. This is a spectacular mix of Golden Goat and Pineapple Kush. With a THC level of 23% this herbage packs a punch. A novice smoker will only need one or two hits for a great high. A tasty mouth watering sensation awaits your toking pleasure. This I find produces a euphoric and a relaxing feeling. I found this very good for pain relief after a knee injury. I also had one of my favourite days in San Francisco as I will relate in this Golden Pineapple Review.

Golden Pineapple Review

I stopped by the Bloom Room in San Francisco a few weeks ago and picked up a nice bag of Golden Pineapple. I was there for a few shows at the Fillmore with my band Stubbletrunk. After the Bloom Room I had a few tokes and headed off into the sunshine. I had great walked across the Golden Gate Bridge and took in the view of the beautiful city. So then I took a cab to Berkeley and met the band. We toked some more Golden Pineapple and jumped into the guitar player Slinky’s van. We blasted some tunes and went on a nice tour of Marin County.

Golden Glow

We stopped at Slinky’s cousins recording studio and laid down some awesome tracks. Some of these will probably make it on our next album which we have named Cabbage Crunch. A very heavy grunge sound with a horn. So later that day we hung out in the Haight Ashbury district. We sat in front of the Grateful Dead’s old house and smoked another joint of Golden Pineapple in their honour. Moreover quite an awesome day I should say as it were indeed !

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