Golden Lemons ReviewGolden Lemons is a fantastic new Indica dominated strain from DNA Genetics. A tart lively lemony and Kushy flavor awaits to pleasure your palate. A great body high and serene sensation accompanied a heightened mental state. A mixture of Kosher Kush and Lemon Skunk is a great blend indeed. Bright leafy buds with orange and red hairs with frosty white trichomes is what you will find if you are lucky enough to try this. I did and will tell you more in my Golden Lemons Review.

Golden Lemons Review

I have suffered severe depression since I was a teenager. It started when a crazy clown stuffed my younger brothers in a hot air balloon and set them adrift at the state fair. The balloon hit some power lines and they were electrocuted. My parent’s divorced soon after. I went to live with my father who soon became a raging alcoholic. After years of verbal and physical abuse I was an emotional mess. I was put in a foster home where because of my crazy behavior I was put on various antidepressants. The drugs made me depressed and sometimes suicidal.


In my early twenties I had a toke for the first time. The results were remarkable. My troubles began to melt away. For the first time in a long time I felt relieved of stress and guilt. So I did not need to smoke everyday. Only a couple of times a week worked for me. Also the herb gave me motivation to do something with my life. Instead of flipping burgers I now work with computers after attending community collage. Because now I know that if I had not discovered the helpful benefits of the natural herb I would probably be dead or in jail by now. Golden Lemons I find is one of the most relaxing and helpful herbs for me.

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