God's Gift ReviewGod’s Gift is a very relaxing herb. Also quite potent with THC levels reaching up to 22%. The lineage from this strain is a combination of Granddaddy Purple and OG Kush. This is a happy uplifting herb. Also it can cause drowsiness and can cause couch locked with more than a couple of tokes. There is a certain euphoria I find with this Indica strain. It also makes me think. Maybe it’s the name. Let me explain in this God’s Gift Review.

God’s Gift

Sometimes the herb causes deep reflection and meditation. Of course like most people I wonder about the purpose of life and why we are here. People that don’t believe in God think that after you die there is only nothingness. Then why is there not nothingness to begin with ? According to the Big Bang all the matter in the universe the trillions of to be born stars and planet’s were super compressed. An immense amount of gravity held all of the elements of nature in a ball no bigger than the pupil of your eye. My question is where did all this gravity and matter come from ? Nothing ?

Deep Thought

I was taught in physics you can’t make something from nothing. Also our thoughts and memories are ethereal and are without physical substance. Consciousness itself is a great mystery that scientist’s have not been able to figure out. Human being’s will never have an answer for all these questions. Because we are only human. We are all unique in our own ways and beliefs. All I want people to do is leave this planet a better place than you found it. You then have made a difference then. I think if there is a God, that is the only thing he wants from us. To be loving. The Herb like God’s Gift make me ponder these and many more complexities of this life we are experiencing.

Nature’s Help

This strain is helpful in a natural way with help with depression, stress, insomnia, pain and headaches.