On the first day, God created the Heavens and the Earth. That means Marijuana was basically one of God’s first perfect creations. Today I am creating a Gods Gift Marijuana Strain Review for your reading pleasure. This strain is Godly on so many levels. Of course, it is an Indica Herb. Therefore a few hits will have your head in the clouds, high in the heavens, literally.

Gods Gift Marijuana Strain Review3

God wants us to be happy and he created weed. It is, therefore, our responsibility as God-fearing subjects to smoke. Marijuana is one of the very few all natural drugs that has healing powers and is actually good for us. Who am I to question God or his Almighty Plan? I want God to love me and not send me to Hell. So, I smoke as much weed as I can, on a daily basis.

I was recently baptized into the new church of Gods Gift Strain. I quickly became a believer and now feel it my responsibility to spread the good word. As a missionary, my job is to convert all you Heathens and help you see the light.

Gods Gift Marijuana Strain Review

Gods Gift Marijuana Strain Review2Let us take a look at what makes this strain divine. Well, it was born of a virgin. Its parents are Grandaddy Purple and OG Kush. This explains the high level of THC. That level is 22%. That is enough THC to get God himself high.

Gods gift is heavenly for sure. But its flavor is surprisingly earthy. Not only earthy, but there’s also plenty of hints of citrus that balance the aroma nicely. But what I really like is the grapey finish. It leaves a sweet aftertaste.

So, as far as health benefits go, this is great for relaxation. If you have problems sleeping this will rectify that easily. GG is great for pain and stress as well.

Gods Gift Marijuana Strain Review – Summary

This is a solid strain for home usage. I wouldn’t recommend going to work or driving around town. It will make you want to sit on the couch and watch porn. But remember God can see you. But hey he invented porn, right? So, go ahead and enjoy yourself.