God Bud Review  One of BC’s best marijuana strains. All the way from the Great White North eh! This Purple Skunk and Hawaiian hybrid is an award winning strain from British Columbia Bud Depot. This gives a new meaning to Rocky Mountain high ! The Indica side is more predominant with THC levels at 18% but can be modified by the right grower to be as high as 22%. God Bud Review

Rockie Mountain High

Also leaning more on the Indica side presents the smoker with a more mellow laid back high. Which is fine for those Canucks who like to watch hockey instead of playing it! The bud’s themselves are puffy resin coated with a deep green colour with abundant nice red hairs with a sweet tropical pungent aroma.

God Bud is best for the evening and is very relaxing but always positively up-lifting. This fine herb is great for inducing hunger if needed due to lack of appetite caused by ailments. Effective on pain and especially muscle spasms, muscle fatigue and chronic pain. Also effective in depression and anxiety. The province of British Columbia with it’s lush forests and heavy precipitation and sunshine. This makes for an ideal geographic location for growing the herb.

The high revenue of approximately 60 billion Canadian dollars is larger than the the gross national product of cash crop in the entire province. Also 40 – 50% of all cannabis in Canada comes from there. Besides outdoor cultivation the government estimates there could be 20,000 – 30,000 grow operations on the mainland, Vancouver Island and the Gulf islands. The gulf islands are believed to have started it all back in the 60’s when it was a popular place for pot smoking hippies to be left alone to grow and enjoy the righteous herb.

Primo Prime Minister

The new Prime Minister Justin Trudeau an admitted pot smoker has called for the legalization of marijuana throughout the country. The tax benefits from the legal sale would help immensely with healthcare and helping the poor. B.C ‘s God Bud is a gift to you. So spark some up and you will know why. Like the great Bob Marley said ” If marijuana is illegal then God made a mistake “