Welcome to our GOAT Marijuana Strain Review. If you don’t already know G.O.A.T. is an anacronym for the “the greatest of all time.” So, this strain could be just that. The THC and the CBD levels are both 15%. This makes the G.O.A.T. one of the rarest breeds on Earth.

Goat Marijuana Strain Review 3

I am one who appreciates greatness. I know this term G.O.A.T. quite intimately. The reason for this is that I am the biggest Tom Brady fan in the world. The debates have been ongoing for many years whether or not Tom Brady is or is not the greatest football player to ever step on the field. Well, the answer is simple. He is, no contest. Look at the numbers. But to really see the truth it’s beyond the numbers.

I have watched every game he has ever played. And I can pretty much say I was stoned for 99% of those games. So, it’s a party for me every time he competes. He wins. Not only is he the only player ever to play in 7 Super Bowls but he has the 2 greatest Super Bowl comebacks ever. He wins. I smoke pot and cheer. He throws touchdowns and wins. I can’t imagine a better Sunday. Also, he’s been doing it for 17 years. So, I am going to continue to watch The G.O.A.T. And I am going to continue smoking it.

GOAT Marijuana Strain Review

The G.O.A.T. is a Sativa dominant hybrid that sports both 15% THC and 15% CBD. This really sets it apart from your average strains. Normally a high THC level strain has very low CBD levels and vice versa. So, to have both that high is really unique. The lineage is that of Animal Pie and ACDC.

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The pain relief is what the strain is all about. Smoking just a little bud helps enormously with body pain, chronic issues, spasms and migraines, MS, MD, and cancer. The Sativa gives great mental relief. Say goodbye to stress and anxiety. Also, you will enjoy an energetic boost with a mellow sense of well being.

Aside from all the great medicinal benefits the weed actually tastes great. It is an earthy and fruity strain that tastes and smells sweet.

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These are some of the strongest CBD strains on Earth. So, if you know anyone suffering tell them today and let the healing begin.