Goat Head is a great hybrid strain from The Farm Genetics. This is a Sativa dominant happy hybrid. Relaxing yet euphoric, this potent and pleasing herb is helpful. What makes this so special is the fine mix of Golden Goat and Headband. Uplifting is the Goat, and Mellow is the Band. I find this perfect for social situations, concerts or just jumping around the house to your favourite music.

The buds themselves are robust and bursting with frosty trichomes. Red hairs abound covering it like a bright red spider web. The odour is also particularly aromatic with spice, sweet, sour and fruity highlights. Also, overtones of the Headbands skunky funk round out this unique strain. On the medicinal side, this also has shown to help with insomnia as well as nausea and pain. Goat Head is also very good for people with a lack of appetite due to chemotherapy. This is one of my all-time favourites indeed. Let me tell you how it helped me in this Goat Head Strain Review.

Goat Head Strain ReviewGoat Head Strain Review

Recently on a South Pacific tour, my band Soupbone Sally caught a ride on an old steamship the Sinister Witch. A sudden storm caught us off guard one night and we ran ashore on a small island. We made a fire and passed around a few joints of Goat Head as well. Our bass player Spanky Buttons said she had a strange feeling we were being watched. So call it woman’s intuition, but she was right.

Goat Head Strain Review – Relaxing

Suddenly out of the brush sprang goth like people. Half naked with bleached white skin and charcoal black wild eyes. We were all quickly tied up. Likewise even my dog Doug was not spared the humility. I felt horrible, to say the least!. It turns out they were Satanists originally from Fargo North Dakota. They were waiting for over 2 years for a human sacrifice.

But I convinced them to have a few tokes of Goat Head however and relax. After making them realize how silly this whole Satanic thing was, they decided to return on the next boat with us. I’m happy to say they are all doing well in community college back in Fargo. Thank you Goat Head, you saved my head!