Glass Mini Bubbler Showerhead Diffuser ReviewMountain Jam Glass has done it again. This time they have created a nice mini-bubbler that smokes fantastically. The Showerhead Diffuser really makes this bong special. And although small, the Mini easily stands up to much bigger models. And for $145 dollars, we might have a real winner. Let’s find out in today’s Glass Mini Bubbler Showerhead Diffuser Review.

Glass Mini Bubbler Showerhead Diffuser Review – Specs

This is a glass mini-bubbler that showcases a Showerhead Diffuser. It is a sharp looking bong with very minimal black accents. The style is Dewar Joint so you know it bubbles nicely.

First, the glass is Borosilicate. So, it’s solid. And it’s small. It stands less than 6 inches tall. But don’t be fooled by the size. This bubbler does it’s job. The female Dewar style joint has the built-in Showerhead diffuser downstem. And the size is universal. The bowl is removable, making this a great bong or dab rig depending on your taste.

Glass Mini Bubbler Showerhead Diffuser ReviewI love the look. I do not like bongs that try too hard by putting too much glam and gimmickry. The glass is clear. And the black paint is minimally accenting only the mouthpiece, the base and the bowl. Simple always works for me. Oh, and the mouthpiece has a built in splash guard. I think we all know how important that is. Nothing worse than inhaling a mouthful of gunky bong water. Also, the mouthpiece is bent back for super comfort.

But it really is all about the Showerhead. This diffuser does a great job breaking up the smoke into tiny bubbles. Of course this makes for a smooth and cool hit each time. I also like the thick handle. You can pick up the Mini and not burn your hand. This is important when you have guests over the house.

Glass Mini Bubbler Showerhead Diffuser Review – Final Thoughts

At $145 dollars this Mini smokes like the big boys. I give it a big Thumbs Up.  The Showerhead does a great job and the look is stylish and simple. Love it!