Girl Scout Cookies ReviewGirl Scout Cookies is an hybrid of OG Kush and Durban Poison that has it’s origins in California. So now however Girl Scout Cookies because of it’s outstanding reputation has spread across the country. With a earthy and sweet aroma and a THC level between 17% to 28%. This is a beautiful potent herb with deep purple leaves and bright orange hairs. This super hybrid herbage ! This will take you to the next level of euphoria like never before with just a couple of tokes. This awesome strain has won numerous Cannabis Cups. This can help relieve stress as you will see in this Girl Scout Cookies Review.

Girl Scout Cookies Review

I was in the Caribbean last year and decided to go freestyle cave diving with a tank. Just a mask and flippers. My guide Susan said there were various air pockets in the caves. Which we could would encounter before swimming through tunnels to the next cave. So all was going well until I was attacked by giant octopus which ripped my mask off. Above all I dropped my flashlight.

Cave diving fun !

I panicked and took a wrong turn down a tunnel in the pitch dark. I felt along the top of the tunnel and found an air pocket about 4 inches high.Just in time before my lungs burst. I treaded water in shear claustrophobic terror. So I knew I had to find my way out ! So I took a deep breath and filled my lungs with air and dove down. As luck would have it I encountered Susan by her flashlight and we made it to the surface.

Stress Reduction

Once on the beach I rolled up a  Girl Scout Cookie spliff and all the stress of that experience dissipated. This herb helped a lot in dealing with my frightening day. Girl Scout Cookies have other medicinal uses such as nausea, pain, appetite loss. Moreover stress for which I can certainly attest !