ghosttrainhaze1_buds  Is this a marijuana strain or is this Ghost Train Haze Review from a Regretful Dead show? Ghost Train Haze is one wicked dominant Sativa hybrid ! One of the most highest THC levels in the world of 25  – 27% for your cerebral celebration. Also for medicinal purposes such as anxiety, depression , appetite enhancement and glaucoma.

Ghost Train Haze Review – A Cannabis Cup Winner!

A HighTmes cannabis cup winner this herb which is a Nevil’s Wreck and Ghost OG mix is an experience you won’t soon forget. This hybrid can be like taking all the rides at the amusement park at once. Joy,  laughter and an uplifting and sometimes an almost psychedelic feeling will greet you This one outstanding wonderful amped up weed.

Ghost Train Haze – Perfect For Adventure!

This marijuana strain is perfect for concerts and festivals or even Cirque du Soleil or other Las Vegas adventures! Your brain lights up with euphoric happiness while the body high is on cloud number nine. Also the look of this fine herbage is a bright green puffy bud with light orange colourful hairs and abundant with trichomes and so frosty it would make a snowman jealous. The smoke is is rich and surprisingly smooth for such a powerful herb. The odour is very pungent and intoxicating and will people following you around like the Pied Piper wanting a toke. Ghost train Haze will make every party or concert an adventure but first time smokers of this should not need but a toke or two to hit the spot.There was a lot of praise for Ghost Train Haze at last years Coachella music festival and once you try it you will know why!

So take that ride !

The whistle is blowing. All aboard the Ghost Train Haze and let it take you away to your destination of happiness and excitement. Remember though this is one powerful train that will arrive at your station with a spectacular sensation !