GENIE Liquid Cooling Freezer Bong ReviewIf you have a sensitive throat or just a hard time hitting a pipe or a joint our GENIE Liquid Cooling Freezer Bong Review is about to make your day. This cooling bong is the latest technological advancement by GENIE and is unlike any other bong out there.

I spent decades toking out of traditional bongs. And I love bongs. They are easily, or at least they were, the best way to ingest smoke. The water filtration system is clearly the best way to cut the heat and rid many of the harmful carcinogens. But regular water can only do so much. And now we have the GENIE.

GENIE Liquid Cooling Freezer Bong Review

GENIE Liquid Cooling Freezer Bong ReviewBy incorporating a special liquid coolant you can filter and cool at the same time. You simply pop the liquid cooling tube into the freezer for about 10-15 minutes and then get ready. I can personally attest to the fact that I have never had a cooler or smoother hit in my life. The hit is so smooth that there is literally zero harshness. What more could you possibly ask for? In my humble opinion, nothing.

For $199.00 dollars you get a great 17.5 inch tall solid borosilicate glass bong. The base is 5 inches wide so it sits sturdy on the table. The mouth piece is clear and the bowl is crystal shaped bowl. It’s a standard 14mm joint. The bong is 4 pieces in total making it very easy to clean.

GENIE Liquid Cooling Freezer Bong Review – Final Thoughts

GENIE has really gone all out on this beauty. Moreover, if you are a collector you have probably already stopped reading and gotten out the credit card. If you have never tried a liquid cooling freezer you need to go get that credit card. I really can not think of anyone who enjoys smoking marijuana that wouldn’t love this style of smoking. The days of harsh throat hits are a thing of the past. GENIE is the future. Finally, folks, the future looks bright.