Gas Mask Bong ReviewOK Gang, if you want to be The Party King now is your chance. What could be more fun than turning off the lights and hitting on a glow in the dark bong? Well, I will tell you, “Nada.” This Gas Mask Bong Review will change your life.

I saw it on a movie late one night. These teenagers were passing around a gas mask. And I remember thinking how cool that would be if it were real. I did not think it was real, of course. But I was stoned so picked up my laptop and Googled “gas mask bong.” And there it was I was shocked and tickled to death. I grabbed the credit card, $39 bucks and a few days later I had my first gas mask bong.

Gas Mask Bong Review – Ins and Outs

This is by far the most fun bong I have ever had. Furthermore, it is the most fun you can have smoking herb bar none. I had a party that first Saturday night that I got my gas mask. That was almost a year ago and we are still laughing about it. The bong itself is not of very good quality. But who cares? You can buy a decent glass bong or use one you already have. Just attach it to the mask. It is simple. Mostly, it is all about the mask.

Gas Mask Bong ReviewThis bad boy glows blue in the dark. And that is my favorite feature. So, just try putting this on your friend’s head, turning off the lights and sparking up without laughng. It is impossible, I am telling you, we laugh everytime without fail. Also, the mask is universal and fits most sizes. It is made of rubber with adjustable straps. And it comes with an 8″ acryllic pipe, the down tube and bowl. Lastly, there is a carb hole to control the intensity of your hit. That’s it.

Gas Mask Bong Review – Worth it ?

Oh, hell yes it is worth it. Are you kidding me? First, for $39.99 if you only use it once you got your money’s worth out of this party bong. Secondly, they really ought to offer a money back guarantee if you do not have the greatest party of your life. And finally, I have had a bunch of parties since purchasing the gas mask. They have all been a blast. People come to my house just to check it out. When they come over they say, “Hey, you’re the Gas Mask Guy.” And one more thing, the chicks really dig it. You will have to trust me on that one. If you don’t believe me, get one and see for yourself. You won’t be disapointed. I sure wasn’t. My gas mask is my favorite bong.