If you suffer from the Monday morning blues, no worries. There is a cure. Brew yourself a delicious cup of deep roasted cannabis infused coffee. Our Ganja Grindz Coffee Marijuana Edibles Review showcases the first place award winner of the High Times Cannabis Cup. Enjoy it hot or cold and start your day off with a solid energy boost that will last well into the afternoon.

Ganja Grindz Coffee Marijuana Edibles Review 1I awoke at 7am in the morning on Negril Beach. A Rasta man that swept the floors each morning asked me if  I would like a coffee brought to me on my balcony just feet away from the ocean. I smiled and eagerly said, “Sure.” Then he asked if I would like a ganja coffee. I had never heard of such thing. So, I expected him to return with a fresh mug of coffee and a couple of rolled joints. To my dismay he returned with only the coffee. I asked him what happened to the ganja. He explained it was in the coffee.

I thanked him and walked towards water with my buddy Alejandro who had also asked for a cup. We sat our butts in the calm ocean’s edge and discussed our plans for the day. We decided we walk up the beach to Rick’s Cafe and see that afternoon’s live band. It was only about 10 minutes later that I felt a rush throughout my body. At first I thought it was a caffeine high. Then I realized I was becoming stoned, really stoned. I have been a big fan of cannabis infused coffee ever since.

Ganja Grindz Coffee Marijuana Edibles Review

Get the kettle out and let’s brew up some award winning coffee people. Ganja Grindz come in sweet little brew cups. Each cup contains 75mg of THC. So, you might want to split that up with whomever your having breakfast with. I find 35mg of THC really hits me hard. And coupling that with caffeine you will really feel a boost in your energy level and your overall mood.

The Roastmasters at Ganja Grindz pride themselves on top quality and freshness in all their products. They grind only the finest, locally grown coffee beans. And they never use any GMO products.

You can brew your way to a better day. Ganja Grindz will make your daily grind a pleasant one. So, try some today and let us know what you think. Bottoms up!