Ganja Farmer Strain ReviewAre you ready to talk to the farmer? If so, our Ganja Farmer Strain Review is just how you are going to want to start your day. The Ganja Farmer is nature’s doctor. And he will heal whatever ails you, mon. This strain has the highest CBDs I have ever heard of. It’s also one potent crop.

I can attest to this personally, having spent time in Jamaica. In fact, we would wake up in the mornings right on Negril Beach and go for a swim. Of course we would smoke a fat joint before doing anything. Then the Rastas would bring us our breakfast right to our little hut balconies. After  breakfast, which I should mention is to this day one of the best I have ever had, we would walk the beach.

Negril Beach is probably the most stunning beach on Earth. The see through invisible blue waters are always calm. Oddly, there are never waves. It looks like a pane of glass all the time. Alejandro, my buddy from 420 Reviews came along with me for the trip. And he was with me on this morning.  As we walked along an old Rasta man yelled to us. “Are you ready to talk to the farmer?”  We talked to the farmer and had enough weed for the rest of our 2 month stay. We laughed so hard. And still, to this very day, we use the joke. So, let’s talk to the farmer, shall we?

Ganja Farmer Strain ReviewGanja Farmer Strain Review

The farmer offers up 20% THc levels and a 90% powerful sativa dominant strain. But most importantly is the CBD level at 5%. This makes the Farmer a hugely important medicine. Those who suffer from seizures, twitch or Parkinson’s Disease find huge relief due to the CBD.

The lineage is SFV OG Kush and Loud OG. Perhaps the greatest strength of the strain is how long lasting are the effects. Suffers from not only physical ailments but also mental disorders find peace as well.

Overall the weed strain is a class A. Even the taste is great. It has strong lemon flavors and that typical Kush aroma. Get off your ass and get down to the farm. The sooner you talk to the Farmer the sooner your life will get better.

Peace Mon, everything is going to be Irie!