G Pro Vaporizer ReviewGrenco Science is at it again. This time they have teamed up with our personal hero Snoop Dogg to help him promote his newest album BUSH. So, today’s G Pro Vaporizer Review will determine if the Rasta Rapper’s latest offering is any good. This is not the first time Snoop has dabbled in the vaporizer business. You may remember we reviewed his Snoop Dogg G Pen Herbal Vaporizer.

I like the idea that this kit actually comes with the CD, very smart marketing. If you are a fan of his music, which I am, than it might be worth trying it out. Although, purchasing a CD for $99.95 dollars is asking a lot. Any collector will certainly want this in their aresnal. But, my job is review the quality of the vaporizer and not the music.

G Pro Vaporizer Review

First and foremost the BUSH is a limited edition, dry herb, portable G Pen. I like the look and the design. It is very portable at about 5 inches tall and only about as fat as a magic marker. I was surprised that you can actually control the temperature settings between 320 and 420 degrees. It heats up in less than a minute and vapes pretty consistenly. It comes with a USB charger. And it takes over 3 hours to charge completely.

G Pro Vaporizer ReviewWhat I liked most was the discovering a huge bowl. I get at least a dozen hits out of one pack. Of ¬†course, this is not the highest quality portable I have ever tried. It’s not even close. But then again, it does cost under $100 dollars. If you want consistent taste and the capacity to use oils and concentrates I suggest you buy a real G Pen. If you are willing to spend $300 dollars then the BUSH is not for you. But if you are a Hip Hop fan, you will want to have this to show off to your friends.

G Pro Vaporizer Review – Specs

The Kit is impressive. It includes the new album in a digital code that you upload. You also get the mouthpiece. They throw in the standard filters, screens, cleaning brush, and grinder card thingy.

What is kind of cool is that you also get a packet of BUSH seeds. I thought that was a fun idea. Although, I am pretty sure that is purely a gimmick. I tried growing them to no avail. I should admit I am no green thumb. Maybe they are decent seeds. You get a cool little pot for your flowers and a tray. Snoop made sure to put his brand name  on everything in the Kit. What can you say? The guy is a marketing genius. That having been said, I think I will get my dry herbs from a reputable dispensary.

G Pro Vaporizer – Is Snoop Fo Real ?

G Pro Vaporizer ReviewWell, I guess it is what it is. I do not really think that any of you that are considering buying this G Pen are under the impression that it is the greatest vaporizer you will ever own. So, if you go into this with that attitude you might be a satisfied customer.

And if dropping a $100 bucks doesn’t break the bank and you love Snoop then I say go for it. I did. And, you know something? I like the new album. I really like it after a few tokes on the BUSH.

In closing, The BUSH is a pretty good portable overall. It is a fun vaporizer. It is a talking point that will get people excited at a party. And, it holds a decent amount of herb. So, for under a hundred bucks, Why not ?

We Love You Snoop.

Keep Spreading Da Love Mon !