Herban Supply Co. is the go to place to purchase a wonderful new treat. Greenway Medibles has produced a product that will take you back in time. Fruity Krispy Cereal is like the rice crispy squares you enjoyed as a youngster. These however are quite different indeed. These are potent THC infused crispy bars that pack a punch. Chewy delectable sweetness awaits to tantalize your taste buds. Also awaiting you is a great high. These bars come in a 500 mg THC for $25 US or a 100 mg THC for $10 US. So it is important to point out with edibles to just to take a small bite. Therefore you will find out how this will effect you. So moderation is always key when tying knew edibles. Moreover it is important to ask anybody who is offering an edible the strength. Most edibles vary in potency. This of course applies to this Krispy creation. Also very important is to keep edibles out of the reach of children. Let me tell you more in this Fruity Krispy Cereal Bar Review.

Fruity Krispy Cereal Bar Review

Fruity Krispy Cereal Bar Review 1A few weeks ago my wife Shuga and I decided to visit the zoo. It was a beautiful Saturday afternoon and the zoo was busy. Well to my surprise my wife pulled out two 500 mg Fruity Krispy Cereal Bars. So we opened one and each took a small bite. It was only a matter of minutes before we each had a nice happy buzz. All of a sudden there was a huge commotion at the lion enclosure. A ten year old boy had fallen in. The lion was soon about to pounce, so instantly an idea struck me. I took the two Fruity Krispy Cereal Bar’s and threw them at the lion. Quickly the beast ate them, ignoring the child. In ten minutes the lion was asleep, therefore the rescue was easy after that. That day a Fruity Krispy Cereal Bar saved the day. I hope you enjoyed this Fruity Krispy Cereal Bar Review. For another review please try¬† https://420.reviews/jewels-marijuana-edibles-review/