Time to let your Freak Flag Fly, Friends! This Frosted Freak Marijuana Strain Review is one that is sure to freak you out. This is one of the most beautiful strains I have ever seen. Sadly, it is also one of the most difficult to get your hands on. Not only are the origins from super difficult to find stains but the breeders are also draped in secrecy. However, it can be found. And let me tell you my friends, it is worth seeking out.

Frosted Freak Marijuana Strain Review

Frosted Freak Marijuana Strain Review 1It was a Freaky Friday when I first got frosted. This 50/50 indica and sativa hybrid packs monstrous 21% THC levels. I was super high all night. The high starts off very energetic and with feelings of silliness and laughter. That later turns into deep introspective relaxation. Its really a nice combination. But what I really liked best was the appearance. The buds are thick neon bright coloured nuggets laced with orange hairs and literally frosted with white trichomes. No kidding, it looks like someone left the buds out in a snow storm. The taste was great too, very citrus heavy with an earthy lemon finish.

Freaky Flavour – Frosty Buds – Powerful Strain

Frosted Freak descends from a royal lineage. If you think it’s hard to find Frosted Freak try finding its parents. This hybrid is the result of crossbreeding Brand X and High Roller strains. Couple that with breeder secrecy and you have one of the most difficult strains to find anywhere. But a diligent Internet search should bring your adventure to fruition. I found it. So can you. It was expensive for previously stated reasons. However, it most definitely is worth the extra pesos. Also, it should be noted that this is a fantastic medicinal strain. Hybrids usually makes for excellent medicine due to their ability to treat both mental and physical ailments. So no matter how you slice it, Frosted Freak is the perfect strain for just about any type of cannabis lover.