Frito Glass Banger Hanger Rig ReviewFrito Glass proudly presents the Banger Hanger line of bongs. “Danger Danger Will Robinson.” The Banger Hanger looks like the robot from ‘Lost in Space.’ This dab rig smokes so perfectly you will feel like you’re Lost in Space” after just one hit. But before you lose your mind check out my Frito Glass Banger Hanger Rig Review. I think you will be glad you did.

I am relatively new to the wonderful world of dab rigs. But I have tried a handful. And I can tell you that this latest offering from Frito Glass is as good as any I have yet tried. I am usually a pretty old school guy. I have certainly tried my share of bongs over my many years of smoking pot. But using oils and concentrates is a new world for me.

I do believe that dab rigs are the way of the future. They smoke so well and cool off your stash perfectly. And I am getting into oils, finally. I like the discretion and ease that I can transport oil versus bulky buds. Plus, oils concentrate the potency. A little goes a long way. Therefore, I got my hands on this Banger Hanger. I haven’t rolled a single joint since. There’s proof for you.

Frito Glass Banger Hanger Rig Review – Specs

Frito Glass Banger Hanger Rig ReviewFirst, The Banger Hanger’s build is solid. That is in my opinion crucial for any bong. Frail or thin and cheap glass does not cut it for me. And I like the design. It is comfortable and smart. The body’s can shaped. And she has a nice angled neck. The female joint is 14mm with a fixed 2 hole down stem.  There’s  a horn handle slide with very nice embellishment milled onto the bong.

The size and the look are ideal. The bong stands less than 8 inches tall but has a nice 3.5 inche wide and sturdy base. They come in two nice color choices of green and clear.

There’s a reason Frito Glass is one of the most respected bong and dab rig manufacturers in the USA. And it is clear to see in the Banger Hanger that they continue to up their game. I give the dab rig a big Thumbs Up.

The cost is $400 dollars. However, this is not a bad thing. Bongs in this price range are not nearly as well built. Nor do they function as well. Therefore, although costly, The Banger Hanger is well worth the investment.