If you are anything like me, you sometimes want to look cool while smoking but aren’t very good at smoke tricks. Well, I have an easy trick for you that will make you look like you know what you’re doing! It’s called the French Inhale.

Most smokers will know what this is but if you don’t it is a trick that calls for you to push smoke out of your mouth and inhale it with your nose. Very simple, and doable for pretty much anyone. For the more advanced users, we also have a Bane french inhale.

Woman Exhales Smoke Close Up

Normal French Inhale:

Step 1:

When I say take a hit, I mean take a nice, fat hit, but don’t inhale it yet. ¬†You are going to try to keep this hit in your mouth to ensure thick looking smoke.

Step 2:

Position your bottom lip so it is just slightly outside of your top lip while keeping your mouth open, giving the air a pathway to go up towards your nose.

Step 3:

Step three has to be the easiest one of all, all you need to do is inhale through your nose while pushing the smoke out of your mouth. Then you have a cool looking simple smoke trick!

Black and White Woman Smoking

Bane French Inhale:

For the Bane french inhale you are going to follow step one and three of the normal french inhale. Step two you are going to graze your top teeth over your bottom lip.

This will create several holes in which it will look like a stream rather than a whole. Once you have this done simply push the smoke out and inhale through your nose.

This trick will need to be practiced a couple of times before you get it down, if not then good for you! You are a fast learner.