Freeek Tube Bong ReviewLet your Freak Flag Fly People. This is a nice bong. But don’t freak out when you see the price tag. For a mere $3,799.00 this bad boy could be yours. That’s right today’sĀ Freeek Tube Bong Review will showcase one of the world’s most expensive bongs. Therefore, my job is to try and figure out if its worth it.

Freeek Tube Bong Review – Specs

This thing is mindblowing at a glance. And it gets even more impressive the more you look and discover this meticulously crafted master work. So, to call this a collector’s piece would be to insult it. Because its more an heirloom, a treasure, a one of a kind gem.

The focus point of this tour de force is the glass work and the accents. It is not over the top in its attempt to be artistic. These are hand made. The glass never touches a lathe or any other manufacturing machine. They are made with love.

The is a bong and a dab rig that is perfect for oils and concentrates. It is a good size at 600mm tall. Freeek is an award winning bong maker. Looking at the picture. I think you can see why. The special finishes are Egyptian Key, Fillacello, Millifiori and Wig Wags. If you are wondering what that all means I suggest you do the reasearch as I did. And find out. Its very interesting stuff.

Freeek Tube Bong Review More Info

Freeek Tube Bong ReviewFirst let me talk about the Fillacello. Basically, this process is painting with molten glass. You can Youtube that. It makes a great watch. They use a molten boro rod to meld the colors into the bong. You will see this amazing affect all over the bong. Its accented on the mouthpiece, the down stem, the base and of course the main chamber.

Its fairly easy to see why Freeek won the 2010 FGIA award for artist of the year. But its functionality is equal to or supercedes its sharp looks. The design is ideal for cooling off your sweet green buds. The pathway is intricate. It is not a direct path from bowl, to water, to your mouth. Also, the tiny particles get swirled around and bounced off the walls and each other. This creates a perfect smooth hit.

Freeek Tube Bong Review – Buy or Not Buy?

So, it comes down to money my friends, like everything else in life. If you have an extra $4,000 dollars laying around, Go for it. Otherwise, just close your eyes go to sleep and dream a little dream. Because this is a sweet Bong.