Fortune Cookies Marijuana Strain ReviewWhen you take the strongest strains known to mankind and combine them, you end up with a Fortune Cookies Marijuana Strain Review. Today we expose our ancient Chinese secret. That secret is a 24% THC loaded powerhouse. It will have you speaking something that sounds like Mandarin. Also, the 70% sativa will have you feeling like you’re running along the top of the Great Wall. This is where you and fortune cross paths.

Confucius once said, “Everything has it’s beauty. But not everyone sees it.” Well, my little grasshoppers, today I open your eyes. And when I am done with you those eyes will be bloodshot and half closed. First, we should start off with a big fat to-go Chinese platter. Get yourself some egg rolls. Then a Pu Pu Platter. Eat it all. Then, grab some Fortune Cookies. You will want a full stomach before busting out the bong with this strain.

Confucius also said, ” Wherever you go, go with your full heart.” I would suggest you go to your closest dispensary this afternoon and get a bag of Fortune Cookies. If you can’t find Fortune Cookies there’s a couple of equally powerful strains I have reviewed that you can read at the following links. Here’s a review for GOAT I recently did here¬† Or you might like Kaboom. Check that out here¬†

Fortune Cookies Marijuana Strain ReviewFortune Cookies Marijuana Strain Review

We know that the THC levels are huge at 24%. The fact that the sativa is 70% ensures that you will be happy, laughing and worry-free. Fortune Cookie is sometimes called Cookies N Kush. And that is just what it is. This strain stems from a melding of Girl Scout Cookies and OG Kush, two of the strongest strains ever created.

The taste is unique and strange. It is sweet yet earthy. Also it has that cookie flavor but is pungent. This makes it hard to describe. But I can attest to the fact that it is yummy.

Finally, this is a really great recreational strain. It also is effective medically for all sorts of ailments. If you’re depressed, suffer panic attacks or anxiety you will find great relaxing effects. But be careful. This strain can couch lock you for hours at a time. If you smoke too much it can be Chinese torture. But if you are a master smoker go with the flow.