Formax 420 Shoter Grinder Pipe ReviewThe 420 is my kind of travel companion. For less than 10 bucks you can own this unique little all-in-one pipe. It is more than a pipe. It’s also a grinder and a neat little storage unit. Our Formax 420 Shooter Grinder Pipe Review will showcase the perfect little portable travel buddy.

First of all, I should say this product works. Secondly, I need to also inform you that we are not talking about high quality here. If you want a pipe that you will keep and use for years to come allow me to suggest a couple high quality pipes that you will be proud to own and use regularly. One of my favorites is The Luxury Wood Dugout. You can read my review here Another quality product is The Genius Pipe. You can read my review on that one here

However, if you’re looking for a cheap pipe that smokes The Formax will get the job done. I like it. Let me explain why. I travel a lot. That is the number one reason. And I smoke marijuana every day. That having been said, it’s not easy to travel on planes and carry weed. Even worse, is getting to a strange city and not knowing where to procure doobage. So, I like to plan ahead. With The Forax I can remedy these problems. Well, not the procuring, that is a different issue. But, having a pipe is resolved.

Formax 420 Shooter Grinder Pipe Review

I can get where I am going, pick up some weed and go to my hotel room. Then I get high, go out and take care of my business and when I’m ready to go home, throw the pipe in the trash. I am out $10 dollars. Actually I am not out anything. The only thing I miss out on are problems. It’s the best $10 dollars I can spend on a business trip. Hell, one beer at the airport costs more that $10 dollars. So, for that reason  I have a few Forax Pipes at home at all times.

Formax 420 Shooter Grinder Pipe Review

The pipe is small and portable. It’s only about 5 inches long. So, it causes no threat. It is easy to clean and very easy to disassemble. The revolving 6 chambers are like 6 mini-pipes. I love that. I don’t have to pack and repack. Therefore, I can go out without a bag of weed on my person in public.

It even comes with 50 screens. I find that to be another really strong selling point. And finally, it comes with a grinder. Pretty cool for 10 bucks.