Foria Suppositories Marijuana Edibles ReviewOK, so we categorize these as medical edibles. It is medical. However, “edible” is probably not the correct term for this application. In fact it couldn’t be more the opposite. Edibles go in the mouth. The Foria goes up your ass. That having been said, it is still an innovative way to use cannabis. And a great one. Really! Foria is one of the most innovative companies that I have come across. Our Foria Suppositories Marijuana Edibles Review is a must read.

This review may not be for the faint of heart. In fact, it is more for the adventurous type. And by that I mean those who enjoy anal sex. Bear with me people. There is a huge market for this medical marvel. If you are still reading then you understand the importance of this cannabis application. Of course, if you are a homosexual man then the this can and will enhance sexual pleasure.


But, it ‘s not just for men. Women are doing it too. And I mean doing it and loving it. According to a study in Cosmopolitan Magazine at least 40% of women admit to having anal sex. You can read the article right here, “Is everyone having anal without me?’ It really is a new world. We are evolving people. Just look at the advances in LGBT rights and marijuana legalization.

Foria Suppositories Marijuana Edibles Review

Cannabis infused suppositories have multiple benefits. The two most notable benefits are sexual enhancement relief from discomfort. But that is just the start. “The Plug,” as it is goes by, contains both THC and CBD. The 60 mgs of THC is strong and it’s affects are immediate. The 10mg of CBD is fast acting too and aids in muscle relaxation.Cannabis can be applied directly to any area of the body. When taken anally the surrounding areas notice instant affects. You will feel intense pelvic relaxation and diminished discomfort.

One extra benefit is that the CBD aids in less discomfort not only during sex, but afterwards as well. You pleasure senses are also greatly heightened. And finally, the release of tension allows for deeper penetration. Thus, both parties reap the rewards.The ingredients are much more than just cannabis. They use a Jojoba Extract that is an all natural moisturizer. What more do you need? So, go pick up an 8 pack for around $90.00 dollars and get ready to explore new worlds!