Foria Female Lubricant Marijuana Edibles ReviewHoly Cow, will wonders never cease? You may be asking yourself, “How is that an edible?” But I assure my friends our Foria Female Lubricant Marijuana Edibles Review will clear that up quickly enough. That’s right guys and gals, cannabis can even improve your sex life. And not just improve it, but improve it significantly.

Foria claims that using this lubricant can cause a woman to have a 15 minute orgasm. Well, ain’t that a peach. It is. And it’s a big juicy peach. So thank the Cannabis Gods. We are talking about a real modern medical miracle here, in every sense of the word. The benefits of cannabis continuously reveal themselves to the medical community and those users lucky enough to have access.

So, anyone who has ever used an indica based cannabis product understands, without being told, that the body responds with serious and real relaxation. Sexually speaking a woman is 85-95% more likely to have an orgasm if they’re able to relax. Moreover, the cannabis stimulates the area where the topical is applied. You do the math. I can tell you right now. 1+1 = she has a powerful orgasm. I guess the only thing left to say is, “How many bottles would you like?”

Foria Female Lubricant Marijuana Edibles ReviewForia Female Lubricant Marijuana Edibles Review

Foria is essentially a sexual enhancement lubricant. It was created by the Aphrodisiac Group. And it actually works. One spray bottle contains 360 mgs of THC combined with all natural ingredients. So, no worries. If you are concerned ask your doctor. Although, your doctor probably makes his money off pharmaceuticals. So heed advice that may be biased due to money.

A bottle costs between $80 and $100 dollars. If you think that is expensive, ask your wife what she thinks. That is one night out with the boys. What is more important? I want my wife to be happy. Also I want her hot. Therefore Foria works for me.

Oh ,and if you’re still wondering how this is an “edible” then I guess you haven’t been paying attention. Think about it. Your wife gets it. Trust me. Go ask her. Bon apetit!