There is no fruit sweeter nor more desirable than that which is forbidden. Our Forbidden Fruit Marijuana Strain Review may leave you feeling a bit naughty and with a strong desire to misbehave. Let your inhibitions go and embrace one of the most decedents and wicked strains are known to mankind. This sultry bud, also known as Le Fruit Defendu, is steeped in secrecy and flavour. Sure to satisfy even your darkest cravings.

Forbidden Fruit Marijuana Strain Review – Sensual Healing

This powerful strain from Amsterdam Marijuana Seeds Company packs aphrodisiac and intoxicating prowess, unlike any bud you have ever enjoyed. The effects of this 70% indica dominant hybrid are deep, relaxing and conjure up strong feelings of euphoria and sensual electricity. The THC levels test around 27%. That is enough THC to make even the most uptight user want to dance with the devil and explore their deepest desires with abandon.

Forbidden Fruit Marijuana Strain Review 2My wife is not a big pot smoker. But from time to time she likes to join me. As soon as she smelt the aroma of berries and fruits filling the room she got excited. We vaporized a few hits each and put on some deep trance dance music. She proceeded to do a sexy dance in front of me that got really hot very quickly. Within 5 minutes we were both naked and she had turned into a wild vixen. Our evening was long and sweaty. She walked like a cowboy for a week after that night. Thanks, Forbidden Fruit.

Forbidden Fruit Marijuana Strain Review – Wicked Flavor and Power

27% THC is very powerful. The 70% indica will make even the daily user deeply relaxed and at peace. The 30% Sativa combines to create a happiness that is unsurpassed in most indica strains. The flavour comes from the strain’s genetic line. Tangie Sativa and Cherry Pie are famously flavourful strains. So you know the taste is potent and fruity. The buds are huge. In fact, dispensaries are avarice about getting these seeds due to the enormous yield the plant produces. Everything about Forbidden Fruit is big, the flavour, the power and the yield. It’s easy to see why this strain is winning award after award.

Moreover, this is a much sought after medicinal strain. The list of ailments that are treated by Forbidden Fruit is as long as the strain is strong. The flavour is one of the most complexes I have tasted. There are hints of lemon and citrus. Also, there are nutty and earthy overtones that mix wonderfully. The colours are spectacular. Almost every colour in the rainbow can be detected in a single bud. Our Forbidden Fruit Marijuana Strain Review is a big thumbs up!