FlytLab Fuse E-Hookah ReviewWelcome to my FlytLab Fuse E-Hookah Review. This bad boy looks like something Darth Vader would use to vaporizer dry herbs or concentrates. And, why is it called The Fuse? Does it use fusion technology? Well, yes it does actually. This vaporizer actually operates on a two cartridge system that allows you to “fuse” dry herb with oils and concentrates. That’s right people, just when you thought life couldn’t get any better, The Chicago Cubs are in the World Series, Tom Brady is number 1 in the NFL and FlytLab drops this bomb on us. Be careful, Armageddon must be right around the corner!

The kit dumbfounded me when it arrived. It is a little complicated. But, the idea of a double barrel vaporizer just blew my mind. I got the kit open, the “light saber” assembled and got ready for the first double cartridge hit of my life. As I held it, I was struck by the size and weight. The Fuse is almost a foot long and is about a full pound. My first thought was, “Well, this won’t be going to any concerts with me.”

I got nervous that this might be more of a gimmick than an actual innovative vaporizer. Well, let’s see what it is and if it is worth trying out.

FlytLab Fuse E-Hookah Review – Gimmick or Innovation ?

FlytLab Fuse E-Hookah ReviewI won’t waste time beating around the bush. The packaging was very impressive. And, the vaporizer is an amazingly cool looking, sharp, black device. But, although the Fuse really looks bad ass, it does not perform well. Complication is not my cup of tea. And it doesn’t burn the two chambers evenly. I found that I would have to really pack the dry herb in tight to get it to burn. And worse, it only holds 0.1 grams. So you literally have to open the whole damn thing up after one hit. This, in my opinion, was a serious design flaw. But then again, it is the only way that I have heard of, that you can vaporize both wax and herb or oil all at the same time. Unfortunately, I quickly realized that it was not worth the time, nor the aggravation, just to get a hit.

On a higher note, the battery life was impressive. The power source is an 18650 battery. And, a USB charges The Fuse. Also, you can vape while it charges. And, the cool LED light at the bottom let ‘s you know how much life is left, before you need to recharge. That is all pretty cool stuff. Another awesome function is that The Fuse has no buttons. You simply inhale. That is another first for me. And, I really liked that a lot. Lastly, I like that you can also use e-liquids. The Fuse is great for that application. And you can mix flavours, or should I say, “Fuse them?”

FlytLab Fuse E-Hookah Review – Not Worth It

The Fuse is more gimmick than quality vaporizer. It is incompatible with 510 thread atomizers. It makes an annoying sound too. I almost forgot to tell you about that. It nearly made me crazy. If you figure out how to take quick tokes it goes away. That is another pain in the ass. If I am paying $199.99 dollars for a vaporizer I want it to work. I want it to look cool, sure . But, I need it to vaporize well. The Fuse is cool. It looks great. And it was fun to double barrel. But, I like vaping. I do not like gimmicks. Sorry FlytLab, but The Fuse is not worth it !