The exciting new world of vaping cannabis is now upon us. The Flyte Vape Pen is one vaporizer you should really look into when choosing a product. The Flyte Pen Kit has everything you need for high times. For $70 you will receive a .08 cartridge of high quality Flyte oil, also a battery and charger. Flyte concentrates have developed a proprietary technique of distillation of cannabis oil. This specialized process remove all impurities. These remarkable distillates come in 7 delicious flavours. Blueberry, Grapefruit Haze, Green Crack God, Mango, Pineapple, Sour Diesel and Tangerine. Let me tell you more in this Flyte Vape Pen Review.

Flyte Vape Pen Review

Flyte Vape Pen Review 1The beauty of the Flyte Vape Pen is It’s convenience. You now can take a few puffs without the inconvenience of rolling a joint. Marijuana has a strong odour. So if you would like to be discrete, this vape pen does the trick. Moreover in my opinion vaping e-Liquids will be the way of the future. Smoking cannabis is harmful to your lungs because of the high tar content. Vaping THC removes the risk because no tar is present in the e-Liquid.

Healthier Alternative

This vaping of THC is much safer and healthier especially those who like to be active. Also I like the size of this of the Flyte Vape Pen. The size is very compact and and fits easily in your pocket. Also if you like Flyte can provide a lanyard and pouch for portable on the go storage. Not surprisingly the battery charge lasts a long time. The reason is that just a couple of short hits takes you where you want to be. In conclusion I would like to say I am very pleased with this high quality product. I love that I can take a few tokes whenever I like. Gone are the days of grinding, rolling and coughing for me.