Flurish Gummies Marijuana Edibles ReviewLive Free and Flurish. That is the motto over at Flurish, the manufacturers, and one of the industry leaders in cannabis gummies. These may be low calorie gummies, but they are THC powerful. Today’s Flurish Gummies Marijuana Edibles Review is a fruit packed assortment of fun and flavors.

The first edible I ever had was a gummie. In fact, gummies were the only edibles I ever had for years. This was long before before all these amazing, new and innovative products came along. My first time was a great one. Larry at my old job hit the lottery for 8 million big ones years ago. Well, he took about 30 of us to a private little Caribbean island for a huge 2 week fiesta. The gummies made the rounds. Everyone ate one. What a time. Half the people danced in the ocean break until the sun came up.

The best part was the parents. My friends that had kids were allowed to bring them along. But Larry didn’t want them burdened. So we shipped the kids off to Baby Island. You heard me right. There was a little island off ours with four houses on it. Seven kids in total were over there with about five babysitters. Well, you can imagine the jokes we still make about our trip and Baby Island. We got so stoned the last night. 3 of us swam over to Baby Island to scare the kids. Larry didn’t make it. He was not a strong swimmer. Plus he ate way too many gummies. So, the best trip of lives ended in tragedy. However, the gummies carry on as do the fond memories of Baby Island.

Flurish Gummies Marijuana Edibles ReviewFlurish Gummies Marijuana Edibles Review

One assorted pack  has 10 gummies. The complete box contains 150 mgs of THC. What I really like is the variety. You get Watermelon, Sour Apple, Pineapple and Mango. I take two to work and I know the day is going to go my way.

Flurish uses only high quality ingredients. Best of all they only have 27 calories each. SC Labs regularly tests the product. This insures not only quality but consistent potency. Overall, I really like Flurish. If you’re a fan gummies you will not be let down. Just remember they are strong. If you going swimming at night you may not make it back from Baby Island. Rest in Peace, Larry.