I went on a web surfing journey to find the coolest looking weed inventions online, and I found some cool ones! While it was hard to choose only 5. But finally, here they are. A list of the best and probably the coolest, plus a description of what they are.

1. The Royght! Stealth Bong

First of all the company Royght! is based out of southern California. Royght is wicked due to the fact they are working on developing a stealthy bong, that will fit inside any standard size wax paper cup, turning it into a water pipe! The company says they are only $40,000, and two months away from making this a reality. First of all, this is awesome! Also, where can I donate!

2. The Frost Pipe Beautiful Woman Purple Body Vaping

OKAY, seriously how cool (pun intended) is this pipe? I mean, who would have guessed it would be so simple? This pipe comes with an ice mold, stopper, screens, and some stickers. You can customize it with colours and designs, and then just put it back in the freezer when you’re done!

3. VAPRWEAR – Wearable Discreet Vape

VAPRWEAR is probably one of the coolest things – okay, company. That I have seen in a while! This company makes all sorts of wear that you can discreetly smoke out of. Can you imagine that! Anything from sweatshirts, T-shirts, robes, the possibilities! Check them out online and in possibly a store near you!

4. Foldable Silicon Bong

This bong is perfect for anyone who is probably a lot like me – clumsy. And also a traveler. First of all these bongs will not break and can fold up for easy transportation, Another plus? They come in almost every rad colour! Imagine being able to go places with a collapsible bong. I don’t how many bongs I have broke due to my carelessness. Seriously people, what else can you ask for?

Close Up Woman Blue Hair Smoke5. Vape Case

Most of us use our phones pretty constantly on a daily basis. Hence why it would only make sense to be able to smoke out of it too! This is a vaporizer that attaches to your phone case. As a result, you can take it wherever you take your phone!

It seems like weed is here to stay. I can only imagine the cool new inventions that will probably need to be added to this list. What are your favourite weed inventions?