The manner in which people use cannabis today is very different then it was when I first discovered the life style. We smoked joints. Everyone did. It was basically all we knew. I don’t think I saw a bong until the first day of college. The idea of vaping THC e-Liquid was as unrealistic as living on Mars or space teleportation. Yet here we are. And thank God for that. When I think of all the shit quality rolling papers I burnt into my lungs, it’s a wonder I am still alive. And the thought of all that carbon monoxide, all the seeds and phosphorus from matches it blows my mind. But it sure was fun, especially the first time smoking marijuana.

Never Better Than The First Time

My first time smoking marijuana was actually a series of experiences. Smoking pot and getting high that first time changed everything for me. It changed my life profoundly and would dictate the rest of my life. I loved it. I still do. But the first time was one of best times. Well, technically I did not get stoned the first 2 times. That was to be expected. I don’t know if it was an urban legend, but we all knew you don’t get high the first time. I felt nothing.

Then someone lit up a joint of Jamaican weed. All weed had a name back then. I don’t know if it was ever true, but this time it was called Jamaican. And I got higher than I have ever been since. I was 15 I think. We toked up in a car then walked into a mall. I went right for the food court. The high hadn’t hit me yet. I sat down and was handed a coke to drink. And then it hit me.

I Saw The Light – And it Was Good

Really I saw the light, both figuratively and literally. As I sat in my chair and felt the rush for the first time in my life, my whole body was buzzing. I was leaning my head on my hand. Then I swung my arm down to the table and my arm passed my vision about ten times. I guess that’s called “trails”  It was awesome. I could see electricity around my body. That only happened that first time. I chased that dragon for years. Now 35 years later, it still has never happened again. But I will keep trying.

It’s Only Rock n’ Roll Baby But I like It

At the same time I discovered marijuana I also discovered Rock n’ Roll. Those first few times we put on albums from Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd, The Beatles, The Who and The Rolling Stones. That was it. We were all so blown away that we all became guitar players and drummers. Rock n’ Roll became my religion, and weed my daily medicine. To this day I enjoy cannabis daily, and I still love music. My second time smoking I put on the headphones from my Walkman and popped in the cassette tape, “The Song Remains The Same” by Led Zeppelin. The first song was called “No Quarter.” I floated away. And I never made it back.

My First Time Smoking Marijuana – Life Changer

Everything changed after my first time smoking marijuana. I saw the world in a different way. Everything had a more peaceful sort of feel. And a new sense of wonder grew up in me. My friends changed from the “cool crowd” to the real crowd. My friends from that day on were mellow loving people. And we were all musicians. And we were all good happy people that loved to laugh and embraced life with a big smile. I was high every single day of High School. It makes me wonder how I even graduated. But I did, and with honours.

The end result is that I have had a much more fulfilling life. My relationships are deep and real. And my peace of mind and outlook on life remain positive and blissful. Basically, “The Song Remains The Same.” Everyone needs to have an experience like my first time smoking weed. It will heal your soul and in turn heal the world.